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As a 45 – year – old conveying equipment idler factory(GCS)

As a 45 – year – old conveying equipment idler factory(GCS)

We specialize in this field more than 45 years, with the high quality and pretty competitive price.

Here are our main products:

Carrying Roller

Return Roller

Impact Roller

Comb Roller

Rubber sprial return roller

Conveyor Roller set

Conveyor Roller Frames

Conveyor pulley

Application range

 Conical rollers are widely used in steel, power plants, docks, coal mines and other transportation industries. They are wear-resistant, impact-resistant, noise-free, anti-static, self-lubricating and tear-free conveyor belts, reducing drag for long distances. Delivery reduces energy consumption.

Our products are widely used in thermal power generation, harbours, cement plants, metallurgy and as well as the light duty conveying devices for industries.

GCS Conveyor Roller, Impact/Trough Roller for Power Station/Belt Conveyor Idlers, Conveyors

1.RS water proof and dust proof heavy-duty roller/Idler–Return Roller/Idler/Roll, Carrier roll, trough roller/idler/roll1.This RS series rollers belong to GCS high-end conveyor roller.

2. This return/carrier/trough roller has high precision structure, composing as many as nine seal parts which ensure the roller good capability of water and dust resistance. With rubber or steel seals, multi-labyrinth seals.

3. The bearing housing and tube is full welded to ensure the well contact of the whole roller. Grease is permanent lubricant.

4. Roller surface could be painted any color as per customer request.

5. Material: normally Q235 tube (specially for conveyor roller), A3 cold-drawn shaft (Could be of very high precision to meed different customer requirement.)

6. Each roller would be through strict inspection and test to ensure every out coming roller are of true high quality.

Welcome to contact us at any time for conveyor roller/idler. We are professional and excellent in technology and service. We know how to make our conveyor roller to move your business! Further check

Post time: Jul-28-2021