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Belt Conveyor Roller Idler

Conveyor Belt Rollers Manufacturer,factory In China

Idler rollers for bulk material handling conveyors represent a significant investment in the overall design of the material handling system.

It’s no secret that high-quality idlers are critical to ensuring an efficient, continuous service life for modern conveyors.

GCS idlers for belt conveyors are manufactured according to the highest national and international quality and safety standards: ISO, UNI, DIN, AFNOR, FEM, BS, JIS, SANS and CEMA. Our company pays special attention to every stage of manufacturing, from initial research and engineering to production and rigorous laboratory testing of its performance through specially designed mechanical inspections.

In addition, practical experience accumulated over the years in different factory environments helps provide the best solution for each customer. All mechanical components of the conveyor system must be selected according to technical criteria to ensure plant efficiency and operational cost-effectiveness. Our product catalog includes different ranges and configurations of idlers for belt conveyors, covering a variety of industrial applications for bulk material handling.

These applications vary in the type of material transported, load capacity, particle or lump size, and environmental conditions such as low or high temperatures, salty air, water, and humidity. In addition to standard steel rollers, our company also offers impact and return rollers with rubber rings (including self-cleaning versions), which are required for most bulk handling conveyor systems.

Due to their precise engineering design, GCS belt conveyor rollers can guarantee free, easy, long-term rotation under medium to high loads. In addition to the use of carefully selected materials, an efficient self-lubricating sealing system that protects the roller bearings minimizes the need for regular maintenance. That's why GCS equipment can adapt to a variety of environmental challenges, including dust, dirt, water, low and high temperatures.


Choose Your Belt Conveyor Rollers

Belt Conveyor Rollers, very often, represent a high investment in the overall requirements of the project design of a belt conveyor installation. Conveyor Rollers produced by GCS are manufactured according to all known national and international standards: ISO, UNI, DIN, AFNOR, FEM, BS, JIS, SANS and CEMA.

HDPE Rollers | UHMWPE Rollers

HDPE roller is made by modern polymer and fiber materials. HDPE Rollers have features of low-noise, wear resistance, and light weight. HDPE rollers can be manufactured to custom specifications.

Steel Conveyor Rollers

Heavy duty steel conveyor rollers are mainly used in industries of mining, quarrying, metallurgy, cement, power, etc. We can provide steel and stainless-steel conveyor rollers.


Impact Roller

Our impact rollers are designed with rubber rings which can absorb impact forces minimizing belt damage. Our impact roller is used in impact area, often the loading point of conveyor belt.

Spiral Return Roller

This steel spiral return rollers are also called self-cleaning rollers and they can clean the sticky materials on the conveyor belts. The steel spiral return roller is used as support for the return side of belt.

Rubber Disc Return Roller

The rubber disc return rollers are similar to impact rollers. They are covered with rubber rings too. GCS rubber disc return rollers can assist to remove carryback of belt.


Friction Self-align Conveyor Roller

The friction self-align conveyor rollers can prevent conveyor belt deviation. They can keep conveyor belts running smoothly. It is a special roller mainly used for conveyor belt alignment.


Tapered Rollers

The Tapered Conveyor Roller is widely used in steel mills, power plants, docks and coal mines, etc. It works as self-align rollers. It is produced with conical steel pipe.

Conveyor Roller Bracket

The Roller Bracket is a necessary part of belt conveyor machine. All the rollers will be installed on the roller brackets. We provide toughed, flat, and V shaped roller brackets for sale.



Conveyor Roller Standard


Conveyor Roller Bearings

1. Optimized For Wet
2. Optimized For Dry and Dusty
3. Optimized For Overland and Long-Distance Belt Conveyor
4. Optimized For Dredging and Fines Removal

Conveyor Roller Bearing Brands


Conveyor Roller Mounting Types

1. Standard Top Mount
2. Channel Inset (Low Profile)
3. Web Mount

Roll Materials Types

1. Steel Roll
2. Rubber Disk

Conveyor Roller Seal Types

1. Integral Bearing Sealing
2. Flinger Seals
3. Contactless Sealing

Conveyor Roller Frame Types

1. Troughing Roller Frames
2. Flat Return Roller frames
3. V-return Roller frames
4. Retractable impact Roller frames
5. Extra HD impact Roller frames
6. Transition Roller frames (Self Aligning Roller Frames)
7. Self Aligning Roller frames
8. Other Type Frames

Number of Roller

1, 2, 3, 5, 6

Wing Roll Angles

0, 10, 35, 45 degree.

Note: We are belt conveyor idlers and idler rollers manufacturer in China. We can provide all types of conveyor idlers including 1 roll, 2 roll, 3 roll, 5 roll, and 6 roll idler sets. If you need idlers or idler roller, please send us detail requirement and we will contact you soon.


1. Supply the various sizes of steel rollers to meet customers' require.

2. Automatic simultaneous welding, CNC milling of bearing housings.

3. Use cold drawn round steel with high surface accuracy as the shaft material.

4. Adopt precision deep-groove ball bearing of international well-known brand.

5. The Conveyor Idler has good dynamic and static balance performance.

6. Low Conveyor Idler drag and friction to protect the belt.

7. Uniquely labyrinth seals design for definitely water/dust proof.

8. Low total indicated runout (T.I.R.), Less vibration.

9. Making sure long lifetime operation.

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GCS idler rollers for belt conveyors are the ideal choice due to their adherence to the following design principles:

By considering these factors and selecting GCS idler rollers designed to meet these requirements, you can ensure smooth and reliable operation while minimizing maintenance demands and enhancing the overall performance of your conveyor system.

Balanced Rotation:

The careful engineering of GCS idler rollers results in balanced rotation, ensuring smooth and consistent operation.

Increased Bearing Life:

The design aims to enhance the lifespan of the bearings, thereby reducing maintenance requirements and downtime for replacement.

Minimal Shell Wear:

The outer shell of the idler rollers is constructed to minimize wear, contributing to longer service life and reduced maintenance costs.

Reduced Inertial Power Consumption:

GCS idler rollers are designed to minimize inertial power consumption, leading to energy efficiency and cost savings.

Noise Reduction:

The rollers are engineered to operate quietly, contributing to a more pleasant and productive working environment.When selecting GCS idler rollers for belt conveyors, it's crucial to consider the following eight key factors to ensure optimal performance and prevent system failures:Material Characteristics: Consider the size, shape, weight, and surface of the materials being conveyed to ensure that the selected idler rollers can effectively handle the specific material properties.

Operating Environment:

Evaluate factors such as impact, work cycles, and spacing to choose idler rollers that can withstand the environmental conditions they will operate in.Roller Dimensions and Belt Width: When selecting the appropriate roller length and diameter, consider the belt width, roller type, and operating speed to ensure compatibility and efficient operation.

Shaft Diameter:

Ensure that the shaft diameter is sufficiently large to support the load and reduce deflection, contributing to stable and reliable operation.

Vibration-Free Operation:

Select idler rollers that enable vibration-free operation to minimize wear and maintenance requirements while ensuring consistent performance.

Sealing Mechanism:

Choose idler rollers with effective sealing mechanisms to prevent the ingress of dirt, water, and other contaminants into the bearings, enhancing reliability and lifespan.

Labyrinth Seals:

Prioritize idler rollers designed and manufactured with labyrinth seal systems to enhance protection and durability in challenging operating environments.

Pre-Lubricated Precision Ball Bearings:

Opt for idler rollers equipped with pre-lubricated precision ball bearings to minimize maintenance needs and maximize operational efficiency.

Have a Special Requirement?

Generally, we have common conveyor roller products and raw materials in stock. For your special demand, we offer you our customization service. We accept OEM/ODM. 

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Customized Conditions:

We can provide you with accurate quotations, advanced technical support and more effective overseas installation and maintenance services, please give us the following information:

1.Seal assembly

The seal assembly of idler is made of nylon, and the structural form isnon-contact labyrinth seal structure.

The inner and outer seals form a labyrinth passage with high precision,and the passage is filled with long-acting lithium-based grease, so thatthe idler has good waterproof and dustproof performance.


The bearing of idler adopts special C3 clearance grade deep grooveball bearing.

Before assembly, the bearing of idler has been filled with lithium basegrease and sealed permanently on both sides, which can realizelifetime maintenance free and extend the service life of the bearing.


The shaft of idler adopts high preci-sion cold drawn round steel afterquenching and tempering treatment.Advanced Chamfer milling machineis used to perform accurate machin-ing at both ends of the shaft, so as toensure that the axial displacement ofthe idler is almost zero.

4.Bearing housing

The fabrication of the bearing housing consists of amulti-stageprecision automatic pressing operation, which ensure highaccuracy of bearing and sealing position.

The idler pipes and bearing housing at both ends are 3mmfully fillet welded at the same time through CO, gas shielddouble gun automatic welding machine, which gives aminimumof 70% weld penetration, and ensures that the idler even underthe high load and high speed operation, still strong and durable.


The shell of idler adopts special ratio-fre-quency welded pipe with small bendingdegree and small ellipticity.

The advanced steel tube chamfer cuttingofftool mahine is used for precsemachin-ing of both ends of the pipe, which caneffectively guarantee the concentricityof idlers and minimize the rotation resis-tance of idlers.

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1, the product manufacturing and testing are quality records and testing information.

2, the product performance testing, we invite the user to visit the product in the whole process, the whole performance check, until the product was confirmed after the shipment.

Materials choosing

1, in order to ensure high reliability and advanced products, the system selection are selected domestic or international quality brand-name products.

2, in the same competitive conditions, our company is not to reduce the technical performance of products, change the cost of product components on the basis of sincere to the most preferential prices available to you.

Promise for delivery

1, product delivery: as far as possible according to user requirements, if there are special requirements, to be completed ahead of schedule, our company can be specially organized production, installation, and strive to meet user needs.

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