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Trough Roller

Trough Roller


Trough Idler Set

GCS Conveyor Supplies is a manufacturer of trough rollers, drum pulley, and frames. Our factory can do it all for bulk material companies, making it simple for everyone to design and order custom conveyor idler,and affordable  roller frames online. We are here to consider all your concerns and produce the right trough roller for your product.
But if you want customized rollers and frames for any conveyor, we'll arrange it for you and our team will help you develop a unique and eye-catching design.

Trough carrier idler are available in Equal Troughing | Channel MountLow Profile | Self-Aligner | Off-Center Roll | Impact carrier

The trough idler set has physical and chemical properties which are high wear resistance, low friction coefficient, not easy to wear leather strap. It also has the fine self lubrication and not easy to card to die in the bad conditions, antistatic, flame retardant, aging resistance, corrosion resistance. It can withstand repeated impact, vibration, mechanical performance is excellent, light weight, easy installation, no maintenance, low noise(3-7DB), smooth operation. The temperature of using keep in -40°Cto-85°C.

The idler rollers is widely used in the original dock transporting places where dust is bigger and the environment has high corrosive, such as mining

Get quality conveyor idler, custom conveyor rollers, matching roller frames and more of what you need.