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Conveyor Idler

Conveyor Idler

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What features do the GCS rollers for sale need to have? 

As most idler roller conveyors are exposed to dust and water contamination, and the material is worn or corroded by the roll body, the ideal rollers for our products are developed with bearing seal configurations that can be adapted to the different environments in which they are used, so that users can choose the product that is more suitable for their use. 


Raw materials and specifications: 

Shaft: Cold drawn steel ST37 DIN17100, E24 AFNOR NFA 35501. 

Rods: 20.2 25.2 30.2 40.2 ISO hll precision Ground to 20,25,30,40 precision in the same bearing and seal assembly area Ground to ISO h6. 

Steel tubes: welded to DIN 2394, material ST37 to DIN 17100. 

Bearing seats: cold stamped to ISO M7 accuracy, raw material deep stamped steel to DIN 1623-1624. 

Inner sealing ring: lip edge seal material NYLON6 (ISO Pa6). 

Bearings: Deep groove ball bearings (clearance class C3) DIN 62 63 series. 

Labyrinth seal: 3 groove type, material NYLON6 (ISO Pa6). Cover: Raw material deep-drawn steel to DIN 1623-1624 

Outer sealing ring: Sliding V-shaped rubber ring in wear-resistant, low-friction, oxidation-resistant nitroso-rubber. 

Protective cover function: used mechanically to protect the life of the rollers from axial oscillation and vibration; made of corrosion-resistant zinc-magnesium aluminium-copper alloy. 

Lubricating grease: to ensure that the roller bearings are continuously lubricated for a long time, use grade 2 and 3 long-lasting lithium-based grease. 


We are confident that you will find the ideal choice for your business or organisation from GCS conveyor idlers manufacturers. If you would like to contact GCS idler roller manufacturer at any time to solve a problem or provide sales assistance, GCS conveyor drum manufacturers our contact centre is always available to help you.