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BW1000 Belt Conveyor Frame Dimensions (Bracket)


  • 10 numerical  Belt Conveyor  Required parameters

1 conveying distance,

2 conveying angle,

3 conveying height,

4 Roller diameter,

5 Motor power,

6 belt speed,

7 belt specifications,

8 Roller specifications, quantity,

9 Frame material,

10 Machine weight,

Check the relevant manual.

This is a standard width. The total width of the B800 belt should be about 1.15m, the main technical parameters of the DSP-1080/1000-160 conveyor. The transport capacity is 800 tons/hour and the transport distance is 1000 meters.

BW: 500mm, 650mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm1000mm is the width, which is 1 meter wide, 5 is the number of cloth layers, representing 5 layers of nylon cloth, 4.5mm and 1.5mm refer to the thickness of the upper and lower cover rubber


Our country (China) has serialized the width of belt conveyors in the machinery industry. You can check the machinery manually.

1. The width of the rack is 970mm for BW800mm(inside width),

2. The width of the rack is 770mm for BW650mm(inside width).

Conveyors can be divided into:

Belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, roller conveyors, metering conveyors, plate chain conveyors, mesh belt conveyors, and chain conveyors.

The main feature is that the direction is changeable, and the conveying direction can be changed flexibly, and the maximum can reach 180 degrees; Each unit consists of 8 rolling cylinders, each unit can be used independently, or multiple units can be connected for use, which is easy to install; Flexible, the ratio of the longest to the shortest state of a unit can reach 3 times;

According to the design manual, the design standard is: B1000, TD75 type, trough frame, the overall length is 1350mm, the center distance is 1300mm. B1000, DTII type, trough frame, the overall length is 1350mm, the center distance is 1290mm.

If it is a stone, one side is about 1.6 tons, and the conveyor belt of B1000 is selected. When the belt speed is 1.6m/s, the transportation volume is 600 tons, about 375 cubic meters.

What Is Conveyor Idler Roller

B is the representation of conveyor belt, the number behind is the width of the belt, the unit is mm, B650 refers to the belt conveyor with a bandwidth of 650mm, as for the length of the conveyor belt is determined by the conveying length of the belt conveyor, the number of rollers is determined by The layout of the belt conveyor is determined, but the minimum number is 3, including 1 driving roller, 1 reversing roller, and one surface increasing roller. The tensioning method is selected according to the bandwidth and conveying length. For small belt conveyors, spiral tensioning can be used. Device or hammer tensioning device; large belt conveyors are best to use hammer tensioning and winch tensioning

EP stands for polyester canvas core 300 is the tensile strength 1000 is the width mm6 is the number of layers of canvas 4 is the thickness of the upper layer of glue mm2 is the thickness of the lower layer of glue mm


Post time: Jan-29-2022