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On the advantages of the drum in conveyor

On the advantages of the drum in conveyor

Drum major below the belt motion, such as belt conveying direction is left as to drum on the right side on the belt machine, the main structure for bearings and steel cylinder, driving drum is a driving wheel of the belt conveyor, from the relationship between the two is like two wheels of the bicycle, the rear wheel is driving drum front wheel is a change to the drum; change to drum and a transmission roller in the structure is no difference are by the drum shaft bearings and bearing chambers composed of driving drum main drive and from two kinds of activities.

Turnabout drum has the advantages of compact structure, lightweight, little occupied, reliable performance, beautiful appearance, safe and convenient use, and can still work normally in the dust, wet and muddy, and harsh conditions.

Drum to work principle.

Including the redirection roller for the conveyor belt conveyor idler in the end.

Increase the driving drum around.

The guide roller, tensioning roller bag glue, and guide rollers for tensioning devices.

Effect of rubber-coated roller quality following a lot of factors:

1, the quality of rubber;

2, the use of adhesive technology, adhesive technology has a thermal curing adhesive and cold curing adhesive, but the market mainstream has been hot curing process has been replaced by a cold-curing process;

3, construction technology, the technical level of the adhesive workers also has a certain influence on the quality of the package;

4, the company’s engineers on the analysis and processing of different conditions;

Users in the choice of conveyor idler manufacturers must carefully, the distance and the practice to allow, can go to the factory to investigate, and engineer to communicate about and for the different problems as a system of communication, so that we can better meet your needs, to find suitable suppliers.

Post time: Jul-02-2021