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GCS belt conveyor types and application principle

The belt conveyor


Common belt conveyor structure in various forms, climbing belt machine, tilt belt machine, slotted belt machine, flat belt machine, turning belt machine and other forms.


Belt conveyor also called china conveyor roller, is composed of orderly assembly line operations indispensable economic logistics transport equipment.


Belt conveyor has strong conveying capacity, far conveying interval, simple structure and easy maintenance, can be local implementation of programmed control and automatic operation.  The continuous or intermittent movement of the conveyor belt is used to transport the following 100KG items or powdery, granular items. The operation is high speed, stable, low noise, and can be transmitted up and down the slope.  


Belt conveyor is widely used in household appliances, tobacco, printing, electronics, electrical appliances, injection molding, post and telecommunications, machinery, food and other walks of life, the assembly, testing, debugging, packaging and transportation of objects.  Belt machine according to its conveying performance can be divided into heavy belt machine such as mining belt conveyor, light belt machine such as used in electronic plastics, food, light industry, chemical medicine and other industries.  


Line conveying can be selected according to the process requirements: ordinary continuous operation, rhythm operation, variable speed operation and other control methods;  Line body according to the situation: straight line, curve, slope and other line body.  


TD75, DT type belt conveyor, due to its simple structure, maintenance bento, capital is low, the advantages of strong commonality, and is widely used in mining, coal, port, metallurgy, transportation, water and electricity, chemical industry and other departments, loading, shipping, reproduced or lax density for various normal temperature state the accumulation of 500 ~ 2500 kg/m3 or loose materials  Pieces.  The material is transported by single or multi-unit synthetic transportation system, which can be arranged in horizontal and inclined way according to the process request.  


DT type belt conveyor in addition to meet the degree or inclined transport request, but also with convex arc, concave arc and straight section combination of transport.  The material lumpiness allowed by the conveyor depends on the bandwidth, belt speed, slot Angle and Angle, and also depends on the frequency of large material.  The applicable working environment temperature of the conveyor is generally -25~+40. GCS powered roller conveyor manufacturers also produces light belt conveyor lines , custom size conveyor roller and mobile conveyors.

Post time: Jan-13-2022