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Gravity (roller) conveyor conveying speed range, how to calculate conveying speed, reduction ratio, etc.

Gravity (roller) conveyor conveying speed range, how to calculate conveying speed, reduction ratio, etc.

The roller conveyor is composed of a plurality of rollers, which are linked through chains and belts to achieve seamless butt and continuous conveying of the workpiece.

light conveyor line steel roller

A Roller conveyor is a piece of continuous conveying equipment with several rollers arranged between the frames on both sides. It is mainly used to transport articles with a certain regular shape or flat bottom, such as box containers, pallets, etc. The Roller conveyor is mainly composed of frame, roller, driving device, accessories, and so on.

The GCS Brand gravity roller conveyor manufacturers have several modes of transmission.

No power, flat belt, round belt, chain, synchronous belt, multi wedge belt, and other linkage components. Used for various types of conveyor systems, and is used for speed regulating light, medium, and heavy load,

Roller material has galvanized carbon steel, chrome-plated carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC material, aluminum material, cover glue, wrap glue process, specifications, can be formulated according to requirements, which is custom machine groove conveyor roller. 

 light roller

Structural design methods and guidelines for roller conveyors

How to choose the speed of the roller conveyor?

  The conveying speed of the roller conveyor is determined according to the production process requirements and conveying mode. Under normal circumstances, no power roller conveyor can take 0.2-0.4m/s, power roller conveyor 0.25-0.5m/s, and take the larger value as far as possible, so that under the premise of also meeting the requirements of the throughput, the distribution of goods is larger, to improve the frame stress.

  When the conveying speed is strictly limited in the process, the conveying speed should be selected according to the process requirements, but the non-power roller conveyor should not be greater than 0.5m/s, the power roller conveyor should not be greater than 1.5m/s, and the chain drive roller conveyor should not be greater than 0.5m/s.

Calculation method of roller conveyor speed:

1. Conveying line speed V, drum diameter D, drum speed n3

V=n×d×π n=V/(d×π)

2. i1: Reduction ratio between output sprocket of reducer and drum sprocket

3. Reduction ratio of reducer i2

4. Motor speed n


n3= n×i2×i3



Reference examples:

The speed of chain transmission is 5m/min, the motor adopts the motor with reducer, the speed ratio is 50, the motor speed is 1300 r/min, how to choose the roller diameter?








The diameter of the drum is 60mm

Post time: Jan-18-2022