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How to measure conveyor rollers (light conveyors)




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The most important consideration when replacing conveyor rollers is to ensure that they are measured correctly. Although rollers come in standard sizes, they may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Therefore, knowing how to measure your conveyor rollers correctly and what measurements to take will ensure that the conveyor rollers are installed correctly and that your machine will run smoothly. 

For standard conveyor rollers, there are 5 key dimensions. 

Size between frames (or overall cone) Height/width/spacing distance

Roller diameter 

Shaft diameter and length 

Type of mounting position handling

Type of peripheral accessories (screw type, etc.)



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Tube length is not an accurate method of measuring roller length as it depends on how far the bearing extends from the tube and will vary with the different bearings used. 

Ready to go? Grab these tools for correct and accurate measurements.



tape measure 


Inter-frame measurements


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The inter-frame measurement (BF) is the distance between the frames on the side of the conveyor and it is the preferred dimension. It is sometimes referred to as between the rails, inner rails, or inner frames. 

Any time a roller is measured, it is best to measure the frame as the frame is the static reference point. By doing this, you do not need to know the manufacture of the drum itself. 

Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the two side frames to obtain the BF and measure to the nearest 1/32". 

Measuring the overall cone 

In special cases, such as deeper frames, the way the rollers are set up, or if you have the rollers in front of you, the OAC is a better measurement. 

The overall cone (OAC) is the distance between the two outermost bearing extensions.

To obtain the OAC, place the angle against the cone of the bearing - the outermost side of the bearing. Then, use a tape measure to measure between the angles. Measure to the nearest 1/32 of an inch. 

If not specified by the customer, add 1/8" to the total OAC to obtain the width between frames (BF). 

Some situations where this should not be done include 

Rollers with welded shafts. They do not have an OAC. 

If a bearing is missing from a roller, it is not possible to measure the exact OAC. make a note of which bearings are missing. 

If a bearing is good, measure from the edge of the tube to where the bearing intersects the shaft (outermost side of the bearing) and add it to the other side for an approximate measurement. 

Measuring the outer diameter of the tube (OD) 

Calipers are the best tool for measuring the outer diameter of a tube. Use your calipers to measure to the nearest 0.001". For larger tubes, place the neck of the caliper close to the shaft and swing the fork outwards over the tube at an angle. 

Measuring shaft lengths 

To measure the shaft length, place the angle against the end of the shaft and use a tape measure to measure between the angles.


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Light duty-gravity rollers (light rollers) are used in a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing lines, assembly lines, packaging lines, conveying machinery, and various roller conveyors for transport at logistics stations.

There are many types. Free rollers, non-powered rollers, powered rollers, sprocket rollers, spring rollers, female threaded rollers, square rollers, rubber-coated rollers, PU rollers, rubber rollers, conical rollers, tapered rollers. Ribbed belt rollers, V-belt rollers. o-groove rollers, belt conveyor rollers, machined rollers, gravity rollers, PVC rollers, etc.

Types of construction. According to the driving method, they can be divided into powered roller conveyors and free roller conveyors. Depending on the layout, they can be divided into flat roller conveyors, inclined roller conveyors, and curved roller conveyors, and other types can be designed according to customer requirements to meet various needs. For a more precise understanding of your needs, contact us now for your exclusive advice.


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GCS reserves the right to change dimensions and critical data at any time without any notice. Customers must ensure that they receive certified drawings from GCS prior to finalizing design details.

Post time: May-24-2022