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How are conveyor rollers measured?

How to measure the quality of belt conveyor rollers and trough roller supports repair

The belt conveyor rollers are an important part of the belt roller idler conveyor, their role is to support the weight of the conveyor belt and the material being conveyed. Belt conveyor rollers must be flexible and reliable to reduce friction on the conveyor belt. Although the rollers are a relatively small component for GCS belt conveyor equipment with a simple structure, it is not easy to manufacture high-quality rollers.

1The following indicators are available to measure the quality of the rollers.

1Roller radial runout value.

2Roller flexibility.

3) axial movement value.

4Dustproof performance of conveyor belt rollers

5waterproof performance of the roller

6) axial load-bearing performance of the rollers.

7) roller impact resistance.

8) Roller life.

 carrier rollers


2The belt conveyor roller support is the support of the roller and has the following characteristics.


1The grooved support should be corrosion resistant: acid and alkali salt has no corrosive effect on it.

2Hardness of the carrier roller: good wear resistance.

3Good sealing: the carrier roller should be completely sealed, belt conveyor carrier roller

There are plastic labyrinth seals at both ends, and the grease will not leak.

 4) Ceramic surface of belt conveyor rollers: the surface of the rollers has oxide film and is very smooth. Materials will not stick to the belt conveyor rollers; the coefficient of friction with the conveyor belt is small.

5Long service life of grooved roller: the service life of a grooved roller is 2-5 times that of ordinary steel grooved belt roller, which can reduce the wear and tear on the belt, and the belt will not shake, thus can extend the service life of the belt.

6) Low running cost: The trough roller support can reduce the overall cost of the belt conveyor and can also limit the maintenance time.


For a standard roller conveyor, the actual dimensions we need to know are these three.


1. measure between the frames from the inside of the frame

2. Measure the diameter of the roller and the length of the tube on the outside of the roller

3. measure the shaft length and diameter


It is important to note that, if possible, measurements should be taken while the drum is still in the frame. The reason this is important is that the frame is a static reference point that does not change, and as the bearing configurations used by manufacturers in their drums may not be quite the same, the total length of the drum will also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These slight differences can mean getting the right roller and not the right roller. The dimensions of the drums vary slightly from one manufacturer to another. Tube length, overall length, and shaft length may all vary from one roller manufacturer to another. The conveyor frame itself does not change. This is why when measuring replacement conveyor rollers, the frame to frame dimension is always provided, measured from "inside the frame to inside the frame". The manufacturer will manufacture the roller to this size and you can rest assured that your new roller will fit you.


If you have a roller in front of you, but one that has been removed from the frame, then the best and most accurate way to measure the roller is to measure the "overall cone size" or the length of the tube of the roller. This is the furthest point at which the bearing set protrudes from the sides of the drum. With this measurement, we can then deduct the appropriate clearance to ensure the correct installation of the roller.


The most important factor to consider when replacing a roller on a conveyor is how accurately the roller is measured and sized. In most cases, we do not need to know the name of the roller manufacturer and the roller's self-number, but knowing how to measure the key dimensions of the roller conveyor will ensure that this roller is suitable for that conveyor.


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By measuring the frame, you can be sure that the roller to be replaced will fit correctly the first time. For a more detailed discussion, feel free to consult the patient service of GCS Roller Conveyor Suppliers, a specialist manufacturer of belt conveyor rollers that have been technically proficient in the mining machinery industry for decades. We offer you more professional and practical solutions for vibratory screening and conveying machinery, including system layout solutions, equipment optimization, quality equipment, equipment installation, technical support, courteous pre-sales and after-sales services, and much more.

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Post time: May-24-2022