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Gravity Roller Conveyor With Stainless Steel Rollers

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We are the leading manufacturer of gravity roller conveyor. Gravity Roller Conveyor are the most economical and common method of conveying unit loads. Gravity Roller Conveyor are typically mounted on a slight decline angle, therefore using gravity to assist product movement especially for long distance. Gravity Roller Conveyor can also be used in application where the conveyor is level and operators can push the product along to its final destination.



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Test video for Retractable Conveyor Chain Transport Chain Carrier Roller Chain

Manpower Drive Roller Conveyor Line by GCS Conveyor Manufacturers China

The conveyor is a continuous transfer mechanism that allows the transfer of any material from one end to the other. The movement of the conveyors can be achieved by motor power, manpower, and gravity.

Conveyor roller:

Multiple transmission modes: gravity, flat belt, O-belt, chain, synchronous belt, multi-wedge belt, and other Linkage components. It can be used in various types of conveyor systems, and it is suitable for speed regulation, light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty loads. Multiple materials of roller: zinc-plated carbon steel, chrome-plated carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC, aluminum, and rubber coating or lagging. Roller specifications can be customized according to requirements

We provide a highly functional range of Gravity Roller Conveyor that helps in reducing the manpower to transfer one machine to another.


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Conveyor roller dimensions

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Please tell us the parameters
Total width of the conveyor
Distance between frames
Roller conveyors
Diameter steel rollers
Steel frame paint color
Leg support requirements
Load and Environmental Ratings
Maximum load per foot (without additional center support). 260 lbs
These conveyors are designed for indoor operation, but thanks to the galvanized rollers and powder-coated steel frame, they are well adapted to harsh outdoor conditions.


Gravity Roller video

GCS reserves the right to change dimensions and critical data at any time without any notice. Customers must ensure that they receive certified drawings from GCS prior to finalizing design details.

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