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Choosing a good guide roller is helpful to improve the service life of belt conveyor


What is guide roller?

Guide rollers, also known as conveyor side guides or belt guides, are used to guide and position the belt along the conveyor structure. They help keep the conveyor belt aligned and on track, preventing it from going off track and damaging the conveyor system.

Guide rollers also help prevent material from spilling off the sides of the belt. They are typically mounted to the conveyor frame or structure and are used in conjunction with other belt tracking components such as idlers to keep the belt running smoothly.

In addition to these functions, guide rollers help reduce belt wear by preventing the belt from rubbing against the belt frame or structure. This extends the life of the belt and reduces maintenance costs.




Why use guide roller?

Conveyor belts can sometimes tend to drift laterally for a variety of reasons. In these cases, to limit the problem, vertical rollers with cantilevered shafts, often called belt guide rollers, can be used. These special rollers for conveyors allow continuous and instant alignment of the belt despite stress due to heavy transport.

There are many advantages to installing guide rollers for a conveyor and the belt alignment provided. Their use allows conveyor systems to run more efficiently, longer, and more safely. Keeping belts in the correct running condition helps avoid the risk of slips and falls for operators while conveying material and reduces the waste of resources. Of course, this also reduces belt downtime and unscheduled maintenance interventions. As a final, attendant advantage, the use of guide rollers for conveyors can significantly increase production and profits in related industries.

However, it is necessary to pay special attention to the use of such rollers on conveyors, so that the force of the belt on the guide rollers does not damage the belt edge. In other words, guide rollers do not eliminate the real cause of belt mistracking; therefore, the belt may run over guide rollers or become deformed on guide rollers. For these reasons, it is always recommended to use guide rollers on so-called self-centering beams, which rotate automatically when the belt deviates from the center of the conveyor and corrects itself.




Features of guide roller:

-Specially designed for surface and underground mining, cement, aggregates, and corrosive rock salt.

-Extremely strong, high wall thickness, resistant to belt edge wear.

-Top closed tight case + smooth rotation due to non-contact seal.

-Outlast any guide roller you buy from OEM supplier.

-Fix the edge of the belt to keep the belt aligned.

-Meet customized pipe diameter and load requirements.




How to use guide roller?

Generally, guide rollers can be divided into vertical rollers and self-aligning rollers. The vertical roller can be installed vertically for direction control. As a belt guide or a horizontal cantilever in a specific conveying system, it can strongly guide the normal operation of the belt. The commonly used pipe diameter is 50-70mm. The self-aligning roller gradually adjusts the running direction of the belt to the correct position by gradually adjusting the moving direction of the belt.


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GCS conveyor roller suppliers can offer a wide variety of replacement rollers in a variety of combinations including materials, gauges, shaft sizes, and frame sizes. While not all pulley configurations are available for GCS conveyors, we have a variety of options to meet your application needs.

Scroll through the Roller Buying Guide to learn about GCS Conveyor's rolls and how to choose the right roll for your application needs for your application.



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Post time: Jan-14-2023