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What is the use of snub pulley in belt conveyor?

Snub pulleys are conveyor system components that are individually designed and manufactured for different sizes and different conveying requirements. Snub pulleys are used to increase the winding angle of the conveyor belt to reduce the traction force on the belt. The snub pulley provides a convenient interface to the conveyor belt and provides rotational movement for the speed sensor. With the snub pulley, the return belt can be made flat before entering the tail pulley. This allows the V-scraper to work effectively. At the same time, it reduces the load on the first return roller on the tail pulley.


The use of the snub pulley is to prevent the belt from slipping and to avoid incurring costly downtime. The snub pulley is mounted on the drive pulley near the return side of the belt and its main job is to increase the winding angle of the drive pulley and thus the traction force.


Another function of the snub pulley is to reduce belt tension, optimize the running costs of the transport equipment and maximize the life of the conveyor. It also means that lower strength conveyor belt systems can be used as well.


The snub pulley can also be used to change the direction of the belt operation to suit the customer's needs at different times. The snub pulley is used to change the direction of the belt, usually at the end or in the vertical tensioning section when the belt direction requires a 180° bend. When the belt direction needs to be bent at 90°, it is usually installed above the tensioning section.


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Post time: May-16-2022