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What is roller conveyor?

The roller conveyor is mainly composed of a roller, frame, support, and driving parts. The idler and idler conveyor moves the goods forward by relying on the friction between the rotating roller and the goods. According to its driving form, it can be divided into gravity roller conveyors and drive roller conveyors.

Light duty drum assembly line

What are the characteristics of a roller conveyor?

1) Solid design, suitable for heavy lifting.

2) The bearing housing and steel tube are assembled and welded with a concentric automatic.

3) Cutting of the steel tube and bearing is performed with the use of a digital auto device/machine/equipment..

4) The bearing end is constructed to ensure that the roller shaft and bearing can be firmly connected.

5) Fabrication of the roller is affected by an auto device and 100% tested for its concentricity.

6) Roller and supporting components/materials are manufactured to DIN/ AFNOR/ FEM/ ASTM/ CEMA standard.

7) The casing is manufactured with a highly composite, anti-corrosive alloy.

8) The roller is lubricated and free from maintenance.

9) Working life expectancy is up to 30,000 hours or more, depending on usage.

10)Vacuum sealed which has withstood anti-water, salt, snuff, sandstone, and dust proof experiments




What industries are roller conveyors used in?

Roller conveyor is suitable for a variety of pieces of continuous transportation, storage, inspection, packaging, and other needs, widely used in mechanical and electrical, automobile, tractor, motorcycle, light industry, home appliances, chemical, food, post, and telecommunications, mining, thermal power generation, and other industries.

What types of roller conveyors are included?

Gravity roller conveyor:

Gravity roller conveyor mainly uses gravity to move goods. Moving goods from A to B does not require any power. When the gravity roller conveyor is placed at an inclined angle, it means that you can move the product without any power supply. This is cost-effective because it means that it reduces costs and is more environmentally friendly than powered roller conveyors. We have a normal gravity roller conveyor and a retractable gravity roller conveyor.


Drive roller conveyor:

However, in some cases, gravity roller conveyors may not be as suitable as drive roller conveyors. When you need to transport goods over a long distance, the drive roller conveyor may be the most suitable product. Also, we have a drive roller conveyor and telescopic roller conveyor.


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