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What is a belt roller conveyor?

The belt conveyor is driven by an electric motor and runs on a bed of sliders or rollers. The belt is in direct contact with the product. It offers a higher degree of control and provides better support for the product, especially during inclination/decline. Lighter cartons, bags, and fragile products are often transported on belts. For high-speed scanning tunnels, gaps, and track, incline/decline operations.

Belt conveyors all have a wide belt that can slide on a flat surface or use rollers to move the items on the belt from one place to another. The belt keeps the item in a stable position during transport and is less likely to crash or hit fragile items than conveyor rollers. A belt conveyor roller idler system can be used to move small items that would fall between rollers or skate wheels, passing props at consistent speeds and intervals.


When to use a belt conveyor ......


Special material transport: for more complex solutions you will want to use a belt conveyor. Ideal for unusual weight distribution, shape and surface variations, bagged materials, and smaller-sized products. These irregular items require the full support of a belt conveyor.


Incline/decline transport: If you are transporting products in an incline or decline, the belt conveyor provides the friction required to change elevation. You will have greater control over the fragile products, which are required to maintain the protection needed to separate and safely transfer the product.


High-speed smooth transport: The high-speed barcode encoding process requires a belt conveyor to keep the product stable as it passes through the scanner.


Accurate and even transport: Belt conveyors provide the accuracy required for the gap and tracking process through consistent speeds. All products, regardless of weight or shape, will be maintained at a constant speed.


Typical applications:


Economical transport within picking modules

Pusher with smooth top belt

Assembly and equipping

Assembly start line

Gap conveyors separating products before scanners or inline scales

Inclined and descending conveyors

High-speed conveyors


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