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Gravity rollerPU sleeve steel rollers

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Non-driven roller definition A cylindrical unit that drives a conveyor belt or changes its running direction by manual means is one of the rollers, which is the main accessory of conveying equipment.

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The unpowered rollers conveyor equipment is used in a gravity roller conveyor which is mainly used for conveying all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets, and packages of goods, some bulk materials, and small items need to be placed in pallets or crates for transfer transport, in addition, unpowered roller equipment can also be transported punching circumference load or a large weight of a single piece of material, you can use the accumulation of roller to achieve the accumulation of transport, unpowered roller also has a simple structure, high reliability. The simple structure and high reliability of the non-powered roller of  are also featured. We are willing to provide more personalization, please contact us now!

Customized PU sleeve steel roller

Drawings of the structure of a non-driven roller

Drawings of the structure of a non-driven roller1
(Model) (D ) mm (T) Roller Length. mm Shaft ( d ) .mm
PP25 φ25 T=1.0 100-1000 8
PP38 φ38 T=1.O   2.0、1.5 100-1500 12
PP50 φ50 T=1.O   1.2、1.5 100-2000 12
PP57 φ57 T=1.0. 1.2、1.5、2.0 100-2000 12
PP60 φ60 T=1.2. 1.5、2.0 100-2000 12. 15
PH28 φ28 T=2.75 100-2000 12
PH38 φ38 T=1.2S 1.5 100-2000  12、15
PH42 φ42 T=2.0 100-2000 12
PH48 φ48 T=2.75 100-2000 12
PH50 φ50 T=1.2s 1.5 100-2000  12、15
PH57 φ57 T=1.2, 1.5、2.0 100-2000  12、15
PH60 φ60 T=1.5、2.0 100-2000  12、15
PH63.5 φ63.5 T=3.0 100-2000 15.8
PH76 φ76 T=1.5、2.0、3.0 100-2000 12、15、20
PH89 φ89 T=2.0、3.0 100-2000 20

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Roller Conveyor System Flexible Roller Conveyor

GCS reserves the right to change dimensions and critical data at any time without any notice. Customers must ensure that they receive certified drawings from GCS prior to finalizing design details.

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