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What are roller bracket used for?

The roller bracket, which usually acts as a setting roller, is a support belt and is an important support structure in a belt conveyor. Roller Idler conveyor brackets are manufactured from high-quality materials and are characterized by their stable performance and long service life. Roller brackets are used for the custom fitting of single or multiple rollers in a variety of applications. Our roller brackets are used to make your roller brackets. They are usually available separately as slotted brackets, adjustment brackets, and reinforced brackets in upper and lower sections. The finish is often painted or hot-dip galvanized. To achieve a durable and rust-proof effect.

In any case, no matter what the specification, precise quality control of the process is essential. Our factory uses CNC laser wire cutting and robotic welding to effectively increase production capacity and achieve more precise specifications in mass production. For more information, please contact our factory at

Automation working on a screen-roll support via a laser machine

Applicable industries

Slotted roller bracket usage products are widely used in the petrochemical industry, mining and smelting, aerospace industry, shipping terminal, electric power electronics, heating pipeline, machinery manufacturing, and other fields.


Features and uses of roller brackets

(1) Fixed rollers: high-quality roller bracket with reasonable design and more convenient loading and unloading of rollers. When fixing the rollers, make sure of the flexibility of the rollers! The radial runout and axial runout of the rollers are controlled within a reasonable range.

(2) Rollers: The rollers are made of high-quality steel with a strict welding process. It is not only of standard specification but also of sturdy construction, providing stronger support and ensuring smooth transport of the rollers and belt.

 (3) Anti-run-out: During the operation of the belt, the support of the rollers can be adjusted to a certain extent, effectively adjusting the belt and increasing its service life.

 (4)Wide range of application: The structure of the carrier roller is light and simple, with long service life and low maintenance cost. It is a widely used economic and durable support structure.


 Types of roller supports

The application of roller supports in belt conveyors is characterized by a wide range of types and large quantities. Rollers are classified according to the type of roller applicable, their respective use, and structure. Common types of roller supports are spherical roller supports, deflector roller supports, slotted roller supports, H-frames, hangers, etc. ETC


Advantages of roller support products

 1Roller supports have strong support, high flexibility, low friction, and long life.

 2Radial runout of spherical roller bracket; flexibility; axial oscillation.

 3The five key points of the spherical roller support are dustproof, waterproof, thrust, impact resistance, and service life.

 4Installed on both sides of the conveyor belt to prevent the belt from running off. Effectively makes the belt run smoothly and reliably.

 5The alignment effect is obvious, the structure is simple and can fully adapt to the needs of the modern operation development.


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