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What is the definition of conveyor rollers

 The definition of conveyor rollers

 Roller manufacturer

    The conveyor roller is an important part of the belt conveyor and is the main support for the conveyor belt, used to support the belt and carry the goods. Trough roller, flat roller, centering roller, impact roller. The trough roller (composed of 2 to 5 rollers) supports the bearing branch for conveying bulk materials; the centering roller is used to adjust the horizontal position of the belt to avoid running off; the buffer roller is installed at the receiving point to reduce the impact of materials on the belt.Example of Aluminum ore raw material1

  Although there are many different structures, the principle of the structure is largely the same, mainly consisting of a mandrel, a tube, a bearing, and a sealing device.


For belt machines, the main object of maintenance and replacement are the rollers, so their reliability and longevity determine their maintenance costs.

  An inflexible rotating carrier will increase the power consumption of the belt machine, and a blocked rotating carrier stick will not only cause the tape cover rubber to wear out but also may cause serious accidents such as the fire in serious cases, so the quality of the carrier roller is especially important.


Example of mining raw material loading and conveying

The pallets can be widely used on belt conveyors in metallurgy, coal power, mining, port, grain, chemical, building materials, and other industries.

  Rich variety

  We can provide

  Complete type specification

  Standard rollers, customized rollers

  1. Product features

GCS conveyor idler

Designed with a unique concept, the product is formed at one time by precision machining.

  Complete vacuum sealing of the rollers - with internal sealing, three-slot labyrinth seal, plus V-shaped rubber ring.

  2. Summary of advantages

A. Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant

  B. Good sealing, anti-static

  C.Dustproof and waterproof

  D.Long service life, low running cost

  F.Energy saving, environmental protection

  3. Application cases

Application Case-Material conveying system

  When you select products, you can choose different types of rollers or roller combinations according to the objective conditions and actual needs of the site

  For more information, please contact usParameters



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