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What is conveyor roller

The roller is an important part of belt conveyor, which has many kinds and large quantity. The function is to support the belt, reduce the belt running resistance, and make the belt perpendicularity does not exceed a certain limit to ensure that the belt runs smoothly.

Roller type


The idlers are classified into aligning idlers, buffer idlers, trough idlers and parallel idlers according to their uses.  The function of the aligning roller is to correct the deviation of the belt conveyor. Usually, the rotary groove aligning roller is installed on the heavy load section of the conveyor, and the parallel aligning roller is installed on the empty load section.


Groove upper roller

The standard groove Angle of the grooved roller is 35 degrees, so the most used in each conveyor is 35 degrees groove roller and 35 degrees groove forward roll.  


Impact roller

The impact roller has 35 degrees and 45 degrees. When selecting a canvas conveyor belt, only 35 degrees groove impact roller can be used.  When 45-degree groove impact roller is used, the 45-degree groove impact roller can be used in the section of the guide trough that is not impacted by the material  


The transition roller  

Conveyors with large volumes, long-distance, high tension, and important conveyor belt should generally set transition sections.  


Return rollers  

Return roller is also called parallel lower roller, it is the most used one of the lower roller.  


Self-aligning roller

Self-aligning rollers include ordinary self-aligning rollers, friction self-aligning rollers and conical self-aligning rollers.  The aligning roller is used to automatically correct the excessive deviation of the conveyor belt in the process of running to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor.  


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What is the function of the conveyor ilder?


The function of the roller is to support the conveyor belt and material weight. The supporting wheel must be flexible and reliable. Reducing the friction of conveyor belts mixed with support plays a key role in the life of conveyor belts which accounts for more than 25% of the total cost of conveyors. Although the pallet mixed in the belt conveyor is a small part, the structure is not complicated, but it is not easy to manufacture high-quality pallets.


Good roller important parameters


There are several criteria to judge the quality of support mixing: radial runout of support; Flexibility of supporting system; Axial channeling momentum. China conveyor roller is your best choice.


Roller spacing


The spacing between rollers should be arranged by the principle of minimizing the deflection caused by the rubber belts between rollers. The deflection of the belt between rollers generally does not exceed 2.5% of roller spacing. In the loading place, the upper roller spacing should be smaller, the general spacing is 300 ~ 600mm, and the buffer roller must be selected, the lower roller spacing can be 2,500 ~ 3000mm, or take two times of the upper roller spacing.

A group of transition rollers should be set at the head and tail of the loaded branch to reduce the stress on the edge of the belt in the head and tail transition section, to reduce the damage of the edge of the belt. There are two groove angles of the transition roller, and the distance between the centerline of the end roller and the transition roller is generally not more than 800 ~ 1000mm.


Roller maintenance


Because the belt conveyor roller accounts for the largest number of belt conveyor parts, for the belt conveyor roller, maintenance is particularly important. Belt conveyor roller in the use process to ensure that maintain in a dry environment, for the damage of the roller to be replaced in time. Clean the material attached to the idler in time. Keep roll surface clean.


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GCS reserves the right to change dimensions and critical data at any time without any notice. Customers must ensure that they receive certified drawings from GCS prior to finalizing design details.

Post time: Feb-25-2022