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Return idlers

Return idler is the most commonly used roller in the return conveyor.

When carrying the belt back to the feeder, it needs support. However, since the belt does not carry any load, the support does not have to be as robust. Therefore, return idlers can be positioned in two or three times the distance of the carrying rollers. Even the number of rollers per idler can be reduced to one or two rollers.

The return idlers can also be covered with rubbered disks which should be removing sticky materials from the belt.We mainly focus on conveyor consumables, belt conveyors, road rollers, metal molds, hardware parts production, die casting and so.

  • Type: Flat Return Idler
  • Specifications: 178 Diameter
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    Conveyor Belt Roller Manufacturers Of return idler

    Wholesale conveyor belt rollers and conveyor roller Components have an extensive history of durability and high performance in the most abrasive material handling applications.

    From impact to return idlers and everything in between, GCS Conveyor Belt Roller Manufacturers has you covered no matter where or what your belt conveyor is moving.

    Material: pipe: Q235 Cabon steel,

    shaft:A3 cold-down shaft,zzC3 Chinese bearing

    Finish: roller face and ends to be painted black Flat return roller

    Bandwidth specifications (mm) 400-3000

    Pipe diameter specification (mm) 63.5-219


    Flat Return Idler -SERIES RS/HRS

    Flat Return Idler 17


    Code No. A B Series 50 Series 60
    Shaft Dia. Mass R.P. Total Mass Shaft Dia. Mass R.P. Total Mass
    XX-A1-1-K0E2-0900-YY 1002 1150 38 26.5 40.5 N/A N/A N/A
    XX-A1-1-K0E2-1000-YY 1102 1250 38 28.9 43.8   32.5 53.4
    XX-A1-1-K0E2-1050-YY 1152 1300 38 30.1 45.4 48 33.8 55.4
    XX-A1-1-K0E2-1200-YY 1302 1450 38 33.7 50.4   37.6 61.4
    XX-A1-1-K0E3-1350-YY 1502 1650 42 39.0 60.5 48 42.7 69.3
    XX-A1-1-K0E3-1400-YY 1552 1700 42 40.3 62.4   44.0 71.3
    XX-A1-1-K0E3-1500-YY 1652 1800 42 42.7 65.9 48 46.5 75.3
    XX-A1-1-K0E5-1600-YY 1852 2000 45 47.7 76.1   51.6 83.2
    XX-A1-1-K0E5-1800-YY 2052 2200 45 52.7 83.8 48 56.7 91.1

    XX-inputfor: RS or HRS.
    For flat carry idlers replace E with H.
    For alternative return drop heights refer identification system.

    Flat Return Idler4
    Flat Return Idler3
    Flat Return Idler2
    Flat Return Idler1

    GCS reserves the right to change dimensions and critical data at any time without any notice. Customers must ensure that they receive certified drawings from GCS prior to finalizing design details.

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  • 1.What is a return idler?

    Return idlers are used to support the belt as it cycles around to be loaded again.

    2.What types of idler are there?

    In summary, the four most commonly used types of idlers are trough idlers, flat return idlers, impact idlers and training return idlers.

    3.What is a troughing idler?

    A troughing idler is comprised of a central idler roll, which has a fixed width, and two or more wing idlers located on each side of the central idler roll. The wing idlers can be adjusted up or down to change the toughing angle, which affects the depth of the trough created by the conveyor belt as it moves.

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