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Idler Frame With Self-Adjustment

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Wholesale reinforced trough frame – Frame with adjustable idler roller
At present, there are many methods of belt conveyor deflection correction, the most common and effective method is to use Self Aligning conveyor idler. self Aligning has various constructions, as well as different closing methods. The advantages are: when the deviation is small, the rotation angle of the moving idler is small and the lateral thrust of the conveyor is small. When the width of the moving medium is large, the larger the width medium of the moving idler, the greater the lateral thrust of the conveyor. In this way, the automatic adjustment of different runout amounts is realized. Another role of the runout blocking roller, in serious cases, also directly prevents and limits the conveyor belt runout, and under the joint action of Self Aligning, drives the conveyor belt to run gradually to the center without causing the belt to run out of the shelf.







  • Band Width: 450mm-2400mm
  • Diameter: 89mm-178mm
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    GCS Conveyor Supply offers a wide range of rollers to suit most conveyor applications - designed to the highest industry standards. Roller materials, lengths, diameters, and groove options can be customized to meet customer specifications. We are a manufacturer of slotted rollers, rollers, and frames. Our factory can do it all for bulk companies, making it simple for everyone to design and order custom rollers and affordable matching roller frames online.
    Trough idler with self Aligning, a conventional load-bearing frame, consists of two equal lengths of rollers with friction heads and a center roller supporting three rollers in a frame that is fixed to the conveyor structure. for overland conveyors
    Self-aligning: Idler frames that improve belt tracking

    The common diameter of the roller tube is D89/102/108/133/152/159 or as per the order
    Belt widths available in 500/650/800/1000/1200/1400/1600/1800 or custom

    Conveyor impact rollers are used in belt conveyors to receive the material, reduce and mitigate the impact of the conveyor belt and are mainly designed for use in corrosive environments such as coal washing plants, coking plants, and chemical plants. Impact rollers have good corrosion resistance and have five times the service life of ordinary rollers if used in corrosive situations.

    Standard frames
    We offer a variety of idler frame options, including the following:

    Carry Idler
    The carry idlers provide the primary support for the carry side of the belt and the material being conveyed.

    V-return idler
    V-return idlers assist with belt training on the return belt and are ideal for long, overland conveyors.

    Impact idler
    Impact idlers are utilized in the loading area and are designed to absorb shock and help protect your conveyor belt.

    Transition idler
    Adjustable transition idlers from 5 to 35 degrees are available to transition your conveyor belt at the pulley.

    Self-aligning idler and return
    Troughing idlers and return idlers, in a variety of configurations, are available for belt training.

    Picking/feeding idler
    Extended center roll idlers are available with steel and/or impact rolls for a variety of CEMA classifications.

    Rubber disc return
    Return idlers and self-aligning idlers are available to help prevent wet and sticky material buildup on the return side of the belt.
    Get high-quality conveyor rollers, custom conveyor rollers, matching roller supports, and more you need.



    Alignment centre roller frame

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    Conveyor Roller Brackets

    GCS manufactures various products including different types of conveyor rollers, impact rollers, belt /spiral roller / cleaners for both light and heavy duty use in the chemical industry together with various moulds, fabrications and metal stamping products, press bearings, universal balls, foot cups and accessories.
    Conveyor belt rollers, which are manufactured in accordance with the audiences for certification GB 10595-89 (belt conveyor specification), issued by The People's Republic of China, can be designed to suit the
    customers' specific requirements. In addition they can be manufactured to conform to the national and
    regional standard of Japan, Australia and others countries. Standard widths for conveyor belts are
    500mm, 650mm, 880mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, 2200mm, 2400mm etc.
    (all included with the standard roller table).
    Rollers in excess of 1400 mm can be manufactured in accordance with customers' own specifications.
    Diameters (mm) of the rollers for heavy duty use are: 63.5, 76, 89, 102, 108, 114, 127, 133, 140, 152, 159,165 and 194 etc.
    Diameters (mm) of the rollers for both the chemical industry and light duty use are: 25, and 89. Lengths will be tilorod exactly 10 meet customer requirements.


    Production Name Belt conveyor roller bracket
    Belt Width 450 500 600 650 750 800 900 1000 1050 1200 1350 1400 1500 1800 2000 2400 mm
    Materials Q235 carbon steel, stainless steel
    Type DTII, TD75, aligning
    Degree Customized, like 10 20 30 35 45 10±5 20±5
    Welding Automatic welding
    Surface Electrostatic spray painting, galvanized



    Main Feature

    1) Solid design, suitable for heavy lifting.
    2) The bearing housing and steel tube are assembled and welded with a concentric automatic.
    3) Cutting of the steel tube and bearing is performed with the use of a digital auto device/machine/equipment.. 
    4) The bearing end is constructed to ensure that the roller shaft and bearing can be firmly connected.
    5) Fabrication of the roller is effected by an auto device and 100% tested for its concentricity. 
    6) Roller and supporting components/materials are manufactured to DIN/ AFNOR/ FEM/ ASTM/ CEMA standard.
    7) The casing  is manufactured with highly composite, anti corrosive alloy.
    8) The roller is lubricated and free from maintenance.
    9) Woring life expectancy is up to 30,000 hours or more, depending on usage.
    10)Vacuum sealed which has withstood anti water, salt, snuff, sandstone and dust proof experiments

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    Conveyor roller manufacturers by Global Conveyor Supplies(GCS)

     GCS has them in stock with standard diameters of 76mm,89mm,102mm, 114mm, 127mm, 152mm and 178mm,193mm. GCS can also design and manufacture rollers to customers’ specifications where non-standard rollers are required and ship worldwide.

    GCS reserves the right to change dimensions and critical data at any time without any notice. Customers must ensure that they receive certified drawings from GCS prior to finalizing design details.

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